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MEN Hope Leadership Inheritances Management Commitment Understanding Planetary mind Spiritual power Belief in oneself Dreams and visions Gathering of eagles Gods and goddesses Global consciousness Compassionate service

ETZNAB: Action, detail, clarity, success, hierarchy, fruitfullnes, facing shadow, making choices, spiritual warriorship, integration of paradox, designation of priorities, division of land holdings.

BEN Teaching Knowledge Understanding Time/space travel Angelic messenger Fluid reference points Balancing of opposites Courage and compassion Working in harmony with others Pillars of Heaven and Earth uniting Initiation to a higher level of consciousness

CHUEN Mask Clans Humor Artistry Theatre Disguise Reversal Disruption Spontaneity Amusement "Hanged Man" Transparency Ethnic groups Entertainment Apprenticeship Tribal meetings

EB Harvest Renewal Analysis Abundance Quickening Open vessel Empowerment Mind as friend Self-nurturance Getting to the point

IK Wind Truth Spirit Breath Inspiration Co-creation Clairvoyance Unseen forces Communication Creative genius Integration of polarities One's calling and purpose in life

AKBAL Womb Abyss House Night Stillness Dark cave Sanctuary Self-mastery Journey into self "Looks-within" place Compassion and stability Search for mental security

CIMI Crying Release Victory Warrior Triumph Humility Mourning Catharsis Surrender Revelation Forgiveness Transmutation