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what a gorgeous guy. did you know that his parents were religious leaders? His mom was a nun and his dad was a priest. They fell in love and left their official duties and were married. I wish john fugelsang would write this story as a screenplay.

Because, science. Math. Critical thinking. Logic. World history.

He said so! In the debate he said he "is against the death penalty" and said he "is for abortion, it's the woman's right". Makes no sense!!

The Quran says God made everything out of nothing - which is impossible. I'm sorry, but it is. The Bible says God made everything seen out of that which is unseen - a scientific certainty (atoms) ...

Maybe they think that they have an inside track... -

NOTHING! is more true! Those who embrace religion do so in ignorance and need, much as a baby sucks on a pacifier! Thank you for post!

It's the Hate Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!