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U.S. PRESIDENTS: A trivia book combines engaging facts about the American presidents with illustrations and skill-reinforcing quizzes.

FOOTBALL BY THE NUMBERS: Football field -- Game -- Offense -- Defense -- Football facts -- Answers to By the numbers!

BASEBALL BY THE NUMBERS: Baseball By the Numbers presents math standards in a cleverly disguised format. This book includes number-based facts and a brief introduction to the game of baseball. Full-page photos show the actions of both the offense and the defense. Brief story problems are matched with each photo to promote reading comprehension and math practice...

Nonfiction Picture Wednesday - July Releases

BODY BASICS by Robert Coupe : Explains how the many different and complex elements of the human body work together.

DEATH ADDERS by Davey Sweazy : What are death adders? -- Where death adders live -- Avoiding predators -- Luring prey.

SERENA AND VENUS WILLIAMS Tennis Stars by Gregory N. Peters :Describes the lives of tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams from birth to becoming champions

ZOOBOTS, by Helaine Becker (32 pgs): Profiles imagined robots that are based on real animals including bats, jellyfish, snakes, and more.

TONS OF NUMBERS by Sarah L. Schuette - Simple text invites the reader to find numbers hidden in fun photographs

THE NEGRO LEAGUES by Gregory N. Peters Describes the history of the Negro Leagues, the only option for African-American baseball players until the color barrier was broken in the late 1940s