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Stevie~ "Her black robe trailing...sister of the moon. She was dark as the tower of herself~and she called to me. And the black widow spider makes~more sound than than she.... From Sisters of The Moon...

There were times when I was between twenty and twenty-seven ~ when I joined Fleetwood Mac ~ that my dad would say, ‘How long are you going to do this? You have no money, you’re not happy, you work constantly, you work at restaurants, you clean houses, you get sick very easily, you’re living in Los Angeles, you don’t have any friends, why are you doing this?’ And I would just say, ‘Because it’s just what I came here to do.’


STEVIE NICKS - Stevie Nicks: Through the Looking Glass (Not Rated)

Stevie Nicks - Stevie Nicks: Through the Looking Glass

©Alec Byrne *Bob Marley* Montcalm Hotel, London, 1975. More fantastic pictures and videos of Bob Marley on: