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Mr. Happy and Mr. Sad Clown craft

from Photography Office

2011 Pulitzer Prize Winners for Breaking News Photography

...sorrow | When I draw a character, very often as I'm doing a face, my face mirrors the expression. Matthew Ashford

DEAN is the only home he's ever known. And the Impala. (his hair looks really pretty here, just saying!)

from Smashing Magazine

40 Captivating Photos That Depict Human Emotion

I really like how closely this photo shows this person's face, and how you can see the individual tears. I also like how this photo is in black and white as it makes is more powerful. We could use a photo like this for a cover or indepth about an emotional topic. Hannah Menchel

His eyes tell all, he has gone through a hard life! Looks like a wise man!

twangcat suggested I put them all together -the first time I put them online I had intended them to be together in pairs but tumblr messed with the resolution so they went up one by one but I figured it and here’s all 4 parts :)

Rocco has a great cry face - it's so cute and pathetic at the same time LOL

Imagine you and Jungkook are swimming and you ask if you can use the floaty, but he says no. You start ignoring him, making pouty faces, and swimming with a sad face in order for him to give it to you, but he just continues to stare at you because he thinks it's cute.

You've Gone Too Far Team Rocket!

You've Gone Too Far Team Rocket!