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7 Former Disney Stars That Are Dominating the Radio ...

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How to Make a Kazoo

How to make a kazoo... next up, how to make earplugs :)

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Can You Make Music with Water

Make sound with water - add food coloring or liquid water paint to a pitcher of water & pour different amount to tall glass vases. Have little one tap each vase to see the different sounds. Use same color in each vase so little one learns it is the amount of water that changes the sound.


Musical Bridge Underbellies : Chimecco

In Aarhus, Denmark. Chimecco is a wind chime installation that was created by artist Mark Nixon and commissioned by Sculpture by the Sea.

Sing the song while passing the letter bag. When the song stops have the child reach in the bag, pull out a letter and name it, produce the sound, or come up with a word with the same beginning sound. (Could do this with numbers, colors, shapes, or words too)

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Singable Picture Books of Rodgers & Hammerstein Songs

Do-re-mi FREE Printable - Are you More

This post explains how to do four different sound labs in the classroom, with a freebie lab sheet to use!

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What Makes Sound

Sound ideas could be extended for elementary children to talk about sound waves and how they work (add in tuning forks, etc.)

Musical 'island' comprising four different 'instruments' in one. Whether playing the scraper across the sun rays to create ringing tones, or using a beater to locate different pitches of chimes, there is something for everybody in this splendid sound station. Music Station is treated against wet/dry rot and insect attack and has a permanent all-weather design.

DIY rain stick sensory bottle. Rain sticks are fun for the youngest baby all the way to adults! Not only do they sound very soothing, they are fun to watch the grains trickle down as you turn them over. This is a great project just for the sensory aspect in and of i