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Session 93: Advanced Sugar Showpiece. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/04/culinary-school-session-93.html

Culinary School: Session 93 Sugar Showpiece Sweet endings. It's finally here: the Advanced Sugar Showpiece.

Session 100: The Wedding Cake Project. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/04/culinary-school-session-100.html

Culinary School: Session 100 Wedding Cake Day 4 What's left to say. After four days dedicated to a single cake, it.

NBC TODAY Show: Kitchen Fire Safety, Apr. 23, 2007 - YouTube

Most home fires begin in the kitchen, and Home Safety Council President Meri-K Appy demonstrates how quickly a kitchen fire can get out of control.

Session 95 & 96 - Mystery Cake Project: Soccer Birthday Cake. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/04/culinary-school-session-95-96.html

Culinary School: Sessions 95 & 96 Mystery Cake Project Bakers, grab you rolling pins.

Session 73: Crepes Suzette and Chocolate Mousse Crepes. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/02/culinary-school-session-73-crepes.html

Culinary School: Session 73 Crepes Suzette and Chocolate Mousse Crepes If crepes are just pancakes, then Crepes Suzette .

Session 94: Sugar Showpiece (cont.) - Bonsai Tree. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/04/culinary-school-session-94.html

anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Session 92: Blown Sugar. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/04/culinary-school-session-92.html

Culinary School: Session 92 Advanced Sugar Techniques - Blown Sugar Not as easy as it looks.

Session 89: Advanced Sugar Techniques - Poured Sugar. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/03/culinary-school-session-89.html

Culinary School: Session 89 Advanced Sugar Techniques - Poured Sugar Pour some Sugar on me. at the risk of horri.

Sessions 66 & 67: Chocolate Candy Stand Showpiece. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2015/01/culinary-school-session-66-67.html

Culinary School: Sessions 66 & 67 Chocolate Candy Stand Feed Me, Seymour! What happens when a (truly underwhelming) .

Session 31: Pannetone, Pain de Mie, Brioche Fruit Tart, Beehive (Ruche)... and a little Halloween bonus with some Marzipan severed fingers. http://www.outsideofthebreadbox.com/2014/10/culinary-school-session-31.html

Culinary School: Session 31 Pannetone, Pain de Mie, Brioche Fruit Tart and Beehive The end of Viennoiserie.