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Breeanne (sister right under Alexander)- curly brown hair with reddish tint and blue-green eyes

Almost forgot that, years ago, this was my bridal hair inspiration. This is why I grew my hair so long.


Natalie Portman Appears In Galliano Ad- Is Natalie Portman Still The Face of Dior?

Natalie Portman. She managed to be a successful young actress even though she's been very selective, such as: no nudity before 21, no sex or romantic scene with much older actor, and gave priority to academic matters. However, she proved that talent and hard work are what it takes in order to be a star. Love her! #girl_crush #girl_crazy

At first I was really trying to say, "I'm not like Hermione. I'm into fashion and I'm much cooler than she is," and then I came to a place of acceptance. Actually, we do have a lot in common. There are obviously differences, but there are a lot of ways that I'm very similar. And I stopped fighting that! Emma Watson ♥

Olivia Wilde (1984) - American actress, screenwriter, producer, director, and model. Photo by Sam Jones

JENNIFER LAWRENCE<br /><br /><p>18 films, including <em>Joy</em> and <em>The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2</em> (2015); one Academy Award, one BAFTA.</p>