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10 Contradicting Things About INFPs

The INFP can feel like a walking paradox. Why is this? It’s because the INFP’s cognitive functions often contradict each other.

I don't know how to be anything other than intense -

from Cultural Disasters

The Intuitive Realist: The INTJ

In this way, INTJs are essentially lifelong actors playing the role of a normal human being with normal feelings and reactions. If they were Fi-dominant Authenticators (like INFPs), they might feel weird about this too but they’re not and they don’t. They’re so used to it that many are scarcely even cognizant of it by age 30. Perhaps they’ve fully integrated with humans by that age or perhaps they’ve just developed lightening fast, memorized responses. I’m inclined to say it’s the second…

A truth that some just don't understand. Then you feel bad because they think you don't care because you don't call ... not true...I could be thinking about you and how much I care about you, but still can't myself call.

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I need to get with the program, i need to live in the real world.