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I miss how Nash and Cam would travel together, I miss how they made vines together, I miss how they used to be best they really don't talk to eachother like how they used to... I miss the old magcon from 2013.. I just miss them..being together

Hi. I'm Nash. I failed kindergarten and first grade. So, I'm a senior. 19. Single. Introduce?

from Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Find of the Day – 1950 Nash Statesman Custo

1950 Nash Statesman Custom

Vintage Automobile Advertising: 1939 Nash, Nash Motors Division, Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, Detroit. Mich., "It's That New Nash".

AU Nash is your over-protective boyfriend - You have been dating Nash for a while and he invites you to join him on tour. When you meet the boys, they bond with you straight away but notice that Nash gets jealous really easily so they joke around just to piss him off, though it gets on his nerves eventually.{{W=Will}}Requested by anon.None of the gifs are mine, just the edits.