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Schoep, the Dog Cradled in the Arms of His Human in Lake Superior, Has Died. John Unger, Schoep's human wrote the following statement on Facebook this afternoon (7/19/2013): "I breathe but I can't catch my breath ... Schoep passed yesterday ... more information in the days ahead."

Photo of owner taking arthritic dog for swim goes viral on Facebook

John Unger and his dog, Schoep, wade in Lake Superior. (Hannah Stonehouse Hudson/

African Hunting Dog - Wild, Spotted, Painted but Cooperative

African Painted Dog, they are the most beautiful animals! I just adore them and hyenas. < 3

Best friends for life: Heart-melting picture of man easing the pain of his dying arthritic dog 19-years after saving him as a puppy

Man lulls arthritic dog to sleep every night in the lake - one of the sweetest stories ever

It's always great to see a German Shepherd have so much fun! This healthy and handsome GSD is surely in perfect shape. Thanks to Angela Autrey Southard for sharing! Running with your dog offers many benefits. These days there are so many obese and overwei