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Knowing me, I'd probably forget the sequence and just look like a nut-ball feverishly pressing the button, and not make it back to the car in time for the green light that happened to just turn on its own. I should prolly just stay in the car!

Connor Tate || Traffic Lights Originally developed in 1912 by a Lester Wire, the electric traffic light is, in my opinion, a great example of industrial design. The previously used Kerosene lamps were tedious and required constant attention and with the ever growing automobile population, the electric lamp was the perfect solution at the perfect time. It's an object that goes unnoticed in day to day life, but without it there would be chaos; a hallmark to good design. - Page 4 of 186 - Creative Ideas For Your Classroom

I didn't learn about this in driving school...

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A traffic light that clearly shows how long you have to wait. As a driver, I want this! - Imgur

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Buying Signals- The things that customers do or say to indicate a readiness to buy. (Chap. 15)