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H2U prescription savings! H2U is all about helping people lead healthier lives. If you or a family member use expensive prescriptions,joining H2U may help you keep more money in your pockets. With an H2U membership, you get a prescription discount, you can save up to 50% on prescriptions in over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide.

The freedom and independence of good health is a gift at any age. You like knowing how to maximize the best things life has to offer and how to conquer tougher challenges. H2U is all about health and all about you. We deliver the tools you need most to help you take control of your customizable health and wellness plans. To give The Gift of Health to yourself or someone you know, go to or call 800.771.0428

Health Challenge with Hannah Curlee - Run or Walk for a Cure!

About H2U: H2U stands for Health To You. And that's not just our name, it's our mission. More than three decades ago, we began empowering adults to manage their health and live life to the fullest through member programs at local hospitals across the country. Over time, we expanded our services to offer national, individual memberships, workplace health clinics and wellness solutions, and loyalty programs for doctor's practices and other healthcare providers.

Fall is about change. Nature reminds us that we have to make choices to maximize how we live tomorrow. Maybe you want to be more active or lose weight, or maybe you want to be more knowledgeable about what health changes to expect at every stage of your life. Give yourself the gift of health and be prepared for all of life’s changes. H2U has all of the tools and reliable information you need most to help you manage your health. Go to for more information or call 800.771.0428.

Learn to Dance for Healthier Living: Even those with two left feet can benefit from dancing. It’s a fun way to get fit and improve flexibility and balance. There are plenty of DVDs for people who want to shimmy and shake at home, but classes can help you master the steps and meet people. Look for classes at local H2U facilities, community centers, dance studios and gyms.

Health Benefits of Tea from H2U Blog. Waking up to a hot cup of tea can be the highlight of the morning, especially when you consider that tea is full of disease-fighting antioxidants. And with so many different types of teas on the market — black, green, white and herbal — trying new ones is easy and fun. Here’s a quick primer to help you choose teas that help perk you up, calm you down or provide specific health benefits!