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Have you ever fed a one of these beauties? Their tongues feel like a cats, only rougher and on a much larger scale! So much fun...


Pictures of the day: 13 February 2012

Precious moment, Mother loving their baby... click on picture to see more

Momma Gorilla kissing baby gorilla while holding it's sweet little cute face in her hand. Precious! #naturephotography

from bear & lion

the degradation of Mother: wait, what?

This Is Tooooooooooo Precious; Animals Love Their Babies, Not Just Humans; That is Sooo Darling. Like our babes at our zoo!

Momma loves you, little one! It is awful to think of the horrible animal testing going on in the world and especially in the US. We need to band together and make sure it stops...this baby and mom need each other..

I love pictures of mamma squirrels with their tiny, bald, sweet babies!


Pictures of the day: 21 March 2014

Невоспитанность и зверство..Не оьдавайте на произвол судьбы своих неокрепших психикой 15 летних детей,в другом городе без мамы они научатся выживать в каменных джунглях по зверски с агрессией и хитростью и легко станут шлюхами,наркоманками и преступниками :-) а от суеты и беготни не смогут своими куринными извилинками осознать что они натворили!

A 2-day-old hippo plays with its mother, Helvetia, at the Basel Zoo in Switzerland.// ok, never realized how adorable baby hippos are!!!! soooo cute!

from Mamabee

50 Parents From The Animal Kingdom And Their Adorable Kids

Cheetah mother and child