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Type of Source: Photograph Date: ca. 1920s The Car was not invented in the 1920s but it was a lot easier to produce them then. The first Company building cars for everyone was ford. Very fast everyone who could effort a car, bought one. It was and is a great invention making everyones lives much easier. (Keyword Suggestions)

This is living life in the fast lane in Jamaica… Great photo from @gari_talya! #visitjamaica #homeofallright #water #jamaica

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There's nothing like fast cars and great friends to make a girl ecstatic ▪Other model: @hannahrae318 ▪Photographer: @valexv84 ▪Location: @imperialcollision ▪Owner: @yololamborghini _____________________________________________ #tylerpaige #blessed #love #houstonphotographer #adventworksphotography #photooftheday #instagood #amazing #imperialcollision #Houston #carmodel #model #yololamborghini #lamborghini #squadracorse #lambo #supercars #carswithoutlimits #carporn #instadaily #cargram...


Shooting For Black & White Images

I love black and white images - they are beautifully timeless and allow you to see the world in a completely different way. Although there are no hard and fast rules about what makes a good black and white image, here are the things that I watch out for if I am looking to convert the image into black & white.

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How to create stunning locations for your photos

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10 Fitness Tips For Women

Trying to lose weight or have you recently lost weight? Great job! Next question. How do you plan to keep that weight off? So many of us bust our butts, literally, to lose weight but as soon as we hit that designated number on the scale, we lose our focus and go back to old habits.