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Truth. Too often we hurry through our sadness. Whether it takes a month or it takes a year, feel what you need to and heal the right way.

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The Bible isn’t all good stories. Within its pages, in its scriptures (sacred and holy) are some crazy mixed up stories. There’s murder, incest, abuse, war, retribution, slavery... <<CLICK IMAGE TO KEEP READING THE DEVOTION>>

It's so much easier to let God heal your broken heart than trying to do it in your own ability and strength. It's not your job. Jesus is the healer of broken hearts. #loveagain #AModernDayRuth - A Modern Day Ruth 2014 | Jenny made this with

Ya true but i dont cry much anymore sadly im used to the pain but every now and again i go back to those times where i remember the pain and i lay awake all night and cry myself to sleep

Life is going to break your heart, guaranteed. But the only way to mend your broken heart is to get back up and move on. It's the getting back up that's a bitch sometimes... - You may have said a difficult 'goodbye' that broke your heart ...but a new 'hello' will quickly mend your pain and happiness will find you sooner than you think ...go to