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Comic Book Themed Together Shoot | Mary Costa Photography

Mary Ellen Mark, Carol Looking at Her Reflection in Mirror, 1976

Tips for taking product photos: Good way to market things to sell even!!!


In Memoriam: Mary Ellen Mark (1940 - 2015)

Mary Ellen Mark Gypsy Camp in Barcelona, Spain

from Centro de la Imagen



Sherlock =) martins face in the second one is so adorable<<Because they got to be married a second time and it was adorable.

from Deer Pearl Flowers

60 Best Ideas of Fall Engagement Photo Shoot

Fall Engagement Photo Shoot and Poses Ideas /

I love them already. :) Mary and Sherlock. Brotp. I really enjoy the song that they chose when we first see her and when Sherlock deduces her. :) gifset // Mary Mary Mary Mary Mary! <3