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That Face Your Mom Makes At A Parent-Teacher Conference. by - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Such a familiar moment!

We called them "church giggles." Oh my goodness has that happened to me! recently, too, and at a church meeting while the pastor was praying!

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Me when I was younger. I was always in track so i NEEDED light up shoes to run faster!

thats awesome. And on a completely unrelated side note, that lady looks like the fairy godmother in R&H's Cinderella. :)

The Polite Student

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Sounds like it might be a lot safer than making plans to kill your neighbour...the worst thing that would happen would be France and England gossipping about the U.S. behind her back, or laughing about Germany's fashion sense.....lol

Women and War. Hahahaaaa hilarious If women ruled the world. There wouldn't be any wars just a bunch of countries not speaking jokes of humor lol memes

I love my friends and family I swear but...I am just no good at helping them out when they are upset. It feels like stage fright or something...  <<< In my mind: Don't make it worse, don't make worse...

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I am not joking this is literally me when I try to comfort people it's because I'm socially awkward and I never know what to do in these situations

Black parents…

Black parents…

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That is exactly what happens and you get a bunch of homework

hahaha this is so true. When you go to school nothing happens you miss one day 6 fights Tupac comes back had a blackout Beyonce was there drama laugh out loud funny humor jokes and quotes lol