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White Magic a key to access the Power of the Divine: Ex Voto - the power of Vows ...from the Old to the New Religion

When you open a New Age store (also known as a metaphysical store) you will serve a growing community. Recently there has been a significant increase in public interest in New Age philosophy.As the success of the best-selling book and DVD The Secret has shown, people are hungry for information and inspiration to help them achieve what they want in life. The desire for greater awareness led millions of people to participate in online classes on A New Earth, led by Oprah Winfrey and author…

from Architectural Digest

Tiffany & Co. Opens a New Boutique in SoHo

Tiffany & Co. Opens a New Boutique in SoHo : Architectural Digest

Marshall Field main aisle, Christmas 1956 My aunt loved Marshall Fields and told me about the wonderful Christmas displays

Today I’m talking about 5 things that a new shop should do to increase traffic in the first month on Etsy. So perhaps you just opened an Etsy store and something that I get asked a lot is, okay now I’ve opened up, put some items in, there’s some listings there, what do I do next?More at

Old Record Store - miss going to the record store, back in the day, to look at all the LPs, walking my fingers through to find that magical album!! ---jillian

Lake Wanaka in New Zealand • photo: Timothy Poulton on 500px // Premium Canvas Prints & Posters // // STORE NOW ONLINE!

randomredux: donovonshepard: rosalarian: katzevogel: #if i become a magical girl i want this to be my weapon If you were ever wondering what “hard femme” means, this is the very definition. Quartz Knuckles… BRILLIANT! I LOVE the idea of this as a Magical Girl weapon. A dirty-fighting, underhanded, streetwise Magical Girl. A girl Sam Vimes in a skirt.

This activity is a great extension for my FAIRY TALE UNITand will encourage your young writers to think magically!Thank you for stopping by my store! Please click the green star to "follow me" and receive notifications about new product uploads and more freebies!Enjoy!~JenniferMY BLOG--STORIES AND SONGS IN SECONDFOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK