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OMG my best friend and I have so many point less conversations. Usually about these people that are our "friends" and we try to figure out what they are saying

Tonight I am in shock, sadness, I am confused, concerned, disappointed, fearful. I hold my friends and peers beliefs, identities & loved ones close to my heart. Tomorrow I wake up stronger, ready to fight for a better future together. I will never stop loving & caring about humanity, no matter who is in charge. I will pray every day that we continue our progress and that the future continues to look bright even in the darkest hour. God Bless America, we will CONTINUE to make you great.

I want to live simply. I don't want a lot of "stuff". It's the little, old fashioned things I love like a fresh rain, a good book, close friends, and quiet time. - Kristen Butler #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking #inspiration #quotes

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25 Friendship Quotes for Summer

My business partners, and a very small select people are my REAL friends. I don't need a big group. Just the ones who truly care and challenge me just as much as I challenge them

Makes sense... I usually tell one of my close friends right away when I have a little thing or someone, but this one crept up on me and I kept it a secret for months...