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Names Of Christ - Jumbo Poster - Inspirational Art & Scripture - Christian Posters, I really like this only twelve dollars, this is a sale item I have no connection.

Jesus IS the Rescuer! This World can not Save you. Call Upon JESUS! You can go Straight to the God Over All Heaven and Earth. He is Both Able and Willing to Rescue you!

quando você se sentir, como você estive-se afogando na vida, não se preocupe - o seu salva-vidas caminha sobre a água.

I was cornered. I was caught off guard one time. I tried to explain my religion and God. I forgot to say the right things but seeing this is really something. Yes, I cant quite verbalize everything about God and how He changed me and how He is my Father now and all but it can be made through experience. Lots of prayers, Betina. Lots and lots for them to experience too, the awesome love of God.

She also says "Wow, thanks" when Steven gives her the iPad, but with far more sincerity!

Like that episode of Supernatural where the siren became a brotherly figure to lure in the boys!