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Proud kitty out for a stroll

Proud kitty out for a stroll

I don't give a fuck. ("She never says that!" lol!) I don't actually use this kind if language, but in this particular board I am finding it, well, almost necessary! :) I love this kitty's face and love the saying going along with it. :D

A Kiss For Mummy

When You Get Through These Photos, Your Entire Day Will Have Changed. Oh My.

Ivytail(female) originally died by greencough. Best friends with Nightcloud and will do anything to help her. Works with Nightcloud's half sister, Heartstar. Likes Robin. turned evil and when she tried to kill Jade, Slender killed her. no mate or kits

Cute And Often Contradictory Cat Photography - Bored Art

Cute And Often Contradictory Cat Photography