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Think about that the next time you, as an unlicensed breeder, say, "I want my cat/dog to have babies".

German Shepherd. There's no moral difference between the animals, birds, fish, and insects we hunt, those we use for entertainment, those we kill for food and use as commodities, and those we love as members of our families. All animals, birds, fish and insects are sentient and have a right to live. Go vegan and stay vegan for them. It's the least we can do. Start here: Adopt, spay and neuter your companion animals!

Will never understand why people continue to buy from pet stores or breeders! So many without homes.

Why Spay or Neuter? Not sure why you should spay or neuter your dog or cat? Learn the facts about spaying and neutering, what to expect and the truth about pet overpopulation from Dr. Gary Block from the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association.

Is there a problem in your community? Volunteer. Donate. Foster. Rescue. ADOPT your next furry friend..... be part of the solution!

from BarkPost

10 Reasons Science Says You Should Spend More Time With Your Dog

spay and neuter - they'll still love you :)

Please repost---if this helps one person to adopt from a shelter, one person to spay or neuter their pet, one less pet to die unloved...then we've done something good. > Made me sick at heart to even think about it...