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Miriam Haskell purple necklace, long glass beads, costume jewelry,vintage necklace, vintage purple blown glass Haskell necklace, by TwoSwansSwimming on Etsy

Making these hair pins for the Holiday markets :) some are vintage jewelry repurposed ;)

Vintage and costume jewelry on black by LaneysCraftCreations, $65.00

lots of vintage jewelry projects- use the jewelry I have from grandma t- then I can display it instead of it hidden in the jewelry box!

Bangles from vintage jewellery. Buy cheap plastic , wood etc ..bracelets and then spray paint or, paint the colour you want ( high gloss or flat ) ... then glue on any broken or unused jewellery for a design. Thrift stores have tons of vintage brooches, neclaces etc. , that can be taken apart and put on your new bangles.

Amazing! Now I know what I am going to do with the boxes of costume jewelry I got from my friend Jan.

Old, mismatched , or bits of broken Costume Necklaces, Brooches, Earrings etc... glued on a Mirror or Picture Frame. Thrift stores and Second Hand stores have oodles if you need them.

Make heirloom bracelets out of old earrings.... would make a cool set for sisters and moms for Mother's Day

How to make a Christmas tree with vintage jewelry

Sage & Co. Crystal Jewelry Ball Ornament Why buy this for $69 from MyHabit (fake price, $196 HA HA HA) when I can buy a buncha costume jewelry from estate/garage sales and try to make it on my own? How hard can it be? Don't answer that. I'm going to try it!