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Only partially true... Militant really means, "combative and aggressive in support of a political or social cause, and typically favoring extreme, violent, or confrontational methods." I am very concerned with this thinking because there is such a virulent dialogue across the Internet by antitheists. This can lead to genocide. It is hatred toward others with the use of extreme accusation and insults. #Dawkins #Harris #Hitchens #Genocide #NewAtheism #Christianity #Religion

Historically, the most terrible things; war, genocide, and slavery have resulted not from disobedience but from obedience Howard Zinn

It goes both ways sweeties...If you don't want to be "persecuted" because of your religion, then stop persecuting those who DON'T want a religion.

Penn Jillette on why he isn't raping and killing everyone. This is EXACTLY how I feel as an atheist.


Don’t blame the Gods

Most wars are waged over religious beliefs. We live in a country that was founded on freedom to worship. I worship one way, you worship another. Bottom line - we both worship.