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I'll stay making a person day because you never know what they go through at home

My life! It's pms time but I'm staying on track, meal prepping my snacks and lunches so I don't veer away from my goal. 2 weeks until family camping trip and I intend on looking and FEELING my best. :-)

18 One-Sentence New Year's Resolutions to Try in 2017

To do something healthy every day, even if it's just drinking a cup of green tea. Click through for more New Year's resolutions you can actually complete this year. Instead of setting unachievable goals for yourself, try these "mini resolutions" instead.

37 Inspirational Quotes That'll Brighten Your Day

Take good care of your body, it will thank you! CAcafe believes so strongly to strive for a better self and healthier lifestyle, we made it super easy for you to change it up on cup at a time. We make Coconut-infused instant beverage blends that replace your regular cup of Coffee, Mocha, Cocoa or Tea with something that is both good for your body and delicious to enjoy! Check out the site here:

23 Power Breakfasts

This compilation of 23 Power Breakfasts is surely to keep you going all day. Eat good food, feel good #breakfast #cleaneating #feelgood

Step 1: first start with wall sits. This is where you put your back on the wall and put your legs in a sitting position. Stay in that position for one minuet. This will help your legs get stronger and healthier.Step 2: now we're doing table push-ups. Table push-ups are when u sit on the ground almost as you are going to do the crab walk but make sure your but isn't touching the ground. Then slowly lift your back off of the ground for 5 seconds. Repeat this for one minuet.Step 3: last ...