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They’re gorgeous, the symbol of metamorphosis and that which Mariah Carey’s dreams are made of.

Un aqua moth! J'ai trouvé ce papillon à la fin de l'excursion! c'est vraiment très rare de trouver cette espèce! j'espère que ça me portera chance!

Moth. OMG I've never seen one of these, but is that awesome or what? Beautiful pattern on the wings.

(KO) Beautiful butterfly sitting on a leaf that matches him almost perfectly. Good camouflage. Confuses those creatures who would like to make him their breakfast!

Lily Moth or Polytela Gloriosae - incredible pattern like textile design.

gorgeous luna moth....I know it says, moth, but I'm sticking it with my butterflies...they're all related.'s too beautiful not to pin!

Luna Moth ~ Miks' Pics "Butterflies and Moths l" board @

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15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 1

One of the most beautiful moths in the world, the Comet moth or Madagascan Moon Moth, is named after its long red 'tails'. There are a number of moon moths with tails varying in length from mere stubs to long streamers. Biologists now think that those with the longest tails such as this species have evolved more recently than those with shorter tails. The Comet Moth is still fairly common in its native Madagascar.


Я люблю ✿ ЦВЕТЫ ✿

Black beauty (Cora Coralina)

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)

Caterpillar of Saturniidae Moth in Switzerland - Rastafarian Caterpillar!!!