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I got my Hogwarts letter from a different website and I love it! Can't remember what website it was, though...

ma heart can't take this <<< I was there it was incredible << oh my god it took me a minute to get the reference and now that I did I will fling myself into the sun goodbye world

I never knew these things until I did it myself. Build your own house!

New size Tiny. I had a few requests to recreate this doll from the similar ones I did recently - but I kind of want one for myself! Anyway here she is and I'll see how it goes once I've finished this slowly emerging batch of dolls. #tinyhandmadedolls

I'm sure all figure out how to control myself, I didn't mean what I done, and I feel bad about it.... I promised you my sweet dear spitfire that I would never hurt you again, and I did... I didn't mean it.. I want to continue to raise our family.. I want to be YOUR mate for life.. please take my apology... please I'm begging you

It's time to celebrate! I set myself a lofty goal of doing 300 sales through Instagram in 2016. I did 365. Thank you thank you thank you all for the support and love! Here's to 2017! (Gorgeous geode cake by @matamiesecakes)

ummm... not the ending i expected, home alone and hear noise, i have a belt and i’m not afraid to hang myself

This episode hit so close to home for me. I recently lost a close friend as a direct result of my own actions. I know what its like to hate myself for the things I've done, but I did those things to protect someone I love. I know what it means to be trapped in a hell of my own creation. #AKF #Supernatural #Winchesters