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Charlottesville Doxie Meetup supports local charity

I don't like costumes on dogs, but I have to admit I think the plane is cute. Halloween plane dog costume for a Doxie!

Maddie the coonhound in Halloween costumes   //   FOXINTHEPINE.COM

coolest dog ever! Maddie the coonhound in Halloween costumes

Maddie in a Halloween costume

You guys know Maddie? She is a very good dog with some very good Halloween costume ideas. Maddie, you get ALL my treats.

She just couldn't leave home w/o her :-)

Because walking your dog would look ridiculous. people are ridiculous. This is seriously stupid. America wonders why they are fat- and their families and pets too. Yes she is walking but hello? This is seriously wrong.

dogs love watermelons too

Maddie is a sweet-tempered Coonhound from the Cobb County animal shelter in Atlanta, GA. She’s also the star of photographer Theron Humphrey’s side project, Maddie the Coonhound: A Super Serious Project About Dogs and Physics.


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