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I should not be laughing so hard like I legit loled, this almost never happens to me XD

What's he gunna kill them with? A loaf of bread? throw the lamp at em that'll get em

I feel like Trump and Hillary are divorced parents fighting over custody of us. But we kind of just wanna go live with grandma

Funny thing is, I can sprint in heels to, and my sister can't even walk in one that's an inch!

** Pouncer must be brain-damaged. | Follow @gwylio0148 or visit for more diy/kids/pets videos

"Who else has more than one alarm just to wake up?"

Steve would never let Nat fall and hurt herself though I bet she's like a cat and always lands in her feet, but Steve doesn't know that and she'd like to keep it that way!

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I'm a white person and I say "stupid white people" more then I would like to