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How to apply Jamberry wraps but first you have to shop at: Https://

I do ALL of my Jamberry wraps on one hand and THEN go back and file the tips. That way, I know they have cooled!

Anti-Lift Application Method To order your Jamberry Nail Wraps or to request a sample, visit More

Once I have the wrap on my nail, it isn’t uncommon for me to reheat it 2 or 3 times. The purple Rubber Tipped Cuticle Pusher can be found in the Application Kit are awesome for sealing the edges! Jamberry Application Kit has everything you need for the perfect manicure. Kit includes: •2 alcohol wipes•1 pair of nail scissors•1 pair of nail clippers•1 buffer block•2 orange sticks•1 rubber cuticle pusher•1 nail file $12.50

I REALLY wish someone would have told me this when I first started wearing the wraps! It would have reduced my “learning curve” considerably!

All of my friends are having intense political debates and I'm over here like 'oooh look at my new nail wraps'. Jamberry nail wraps

Jamberry Iced and Diamond Dust Sparkle. The perfect combination.

Ask me ANYTHING!! I would LOVE to answer any questions you have about our…

I love that I can do my nails at night after my boys go to bed and I don't have to worry about dry time AT ALL. This is County Fair with Sweet Surprise! #countyfairjn #sweetsurprisejn #jamberry #jamberrynails #nailwraps #nailart #stripednails #stripedmani #floralnails #floralmani