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When your friend, that turned into her own sons fathers plays awful music, so you jump out of the car but you still gonna ride.

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Rose Quartz had to shatter Pink Diamond in order to lead the Rebellion. Jasper was also Pink Diamonds Quartz until her destruction and fought against Rose to avenge her Diamond

"Change the Length"

"change the length"

"change the length" holy crap! jasper with short hair and pearl with long!

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Fresh off the UFO. (strawhat-army: this fandom is amazing just sayin.

What time is it?ITS FEELS TIME

This is way to much love for me! I love how the Crystal Gems act like a family figure, even though they have to deal the Homeworld Gems and Evil without Rose.

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Come on lapis! Can't you see she is a sweet cinnamon roll looking for love? <<<This comic really shows how much of a cinnamon roll Peridot is!

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Steven is starting to lose faith in his mother,it's almost like there working up to an ep where he gets reassured by.