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Explore Manufacturing Process, Dosing Calcium and more!

The balling method of dosing calcium, carbonates and the remaining elements has become quite popular in Europe because of the results gained by its use. The term “Balling” actually comes from the man who developed this system, Hans Werner Balling. Because of his brilliance as an aquarist and scientist, Tropic Marin hired Mr. Balling as their Product Development Director and has direct supervision over the manufacturing process to ensure the ingredients are in perfect balance.

Congratulations to Marty who won the Reef Savvy St. Jude's GIVE THANKS A WALK raffle. Marty won a killer setup and got to help some kids along the way. What could be better? Marty's Orphek Atlantik Pendants were the first of many more prizes to arrive at his house.

Orphek Atlantik controler photo

Atlantik V2 channel 1+4 LED make up and spectrum graph, Tuned to increase levels of chlorophyll A in corals.

This is an extremely generous donation by Reef Savvy and all of the other companies involved. We love to see so many different people step...

Helping Kids Fight Cancer. Win a 100G Reef Savvy Tank, 2 Orphek Aquarium LED Lighting Atlantik Pendant WiFI + over $10,000.00 in equipment, and Help Kids Fight Cancer?