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Sudarshana Mantra - Maha Mantra For Protection - Om Sahasrara Hum Phat :

"Mantrapedia" list. Mantra is a mind projection created in either a spoken or mental manner. Mantras can be a word, phrase, syllable or sound. They can be recited, sung or repeated silently in the mind. There are many mantras each one having its own quality, rhythm, and effect. Every thought or feeling that we have is on a vibratory frequency. By using mantras we direct the mind into a hight vibratory frequency. For thousands of years, mystics, meditators and yogis have used mantras.

Deva Premal Music - Gayatri Mantra. A great yoga journal article about this mantra in here The eternal, earth, air, heaven. That glory, that resplendence of the sun. May we contemplate the brilliance of that light. May the sun inspire our minds.