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We're basically playing a huge game of "Simon Says", except instead of Simon it's "Society Says" and everyone tries to follow society's rules and examples

"Me: "I'm fat." People: "You're beautiful!" Me: "...thanks. never said I was ugly...""

"You're not like the other girls," sexism, feminism

Gotta like this guy. Maybe he's free to be president?

Example of Heteronormativity: pretending lesbian relationships are just girls who are good friends and entirely platonic. And I literally saw someone yesterday who claimed heteronormativity isn't real. Of course you wouldn't think it's real, it's so ingrained in society no one ever notices it unless they're outside the "norm".

Couldn't find two sites which had the same figures on repealing Obamacare, but both were stupid expensive. The thing with Arnold is just stupid. McConnell simply needs to go away. Cruz and co. ARE threatening to cut embassy security by 50% if Trump doesn't move the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. And YES, the US TAXPAYERS are going to build the wall, but Trump assured us that Mexico will pay us back.

No, I think most realize what this is about. But, I wonder how many people realize that the whole, full, shiny, bright apple is so much more beautiful than its empty, starving, skeletal core. You guys realize this, don't you? I'm sorry I've been tagging you guys in a lot lately. If you ever decide you want me to stop, just let me know and I will. I promise. I'm just doing my best to help everyone I can, and I'm trying to get you all involved in it. Love you guys. Xx

I will scream this into the abyss until someone, anyone, and everyone hears. This is important. Don't ignore mental illnesses just because you're gender expectations are askew.