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No, I think most realize what this is about. But, I wonder how many people realize that the whole, full, shiny, bright apple is so much more beautiful than its empty, starving, skeletal core. You guys realize this, don't you? I'm sorry I've been tagging you guys in a lot lately. If you ever decide you want me to stop, just let me know and I will. I promise. I'm just doing my best to help everyone I can, and I'm trying to get you all involved in it. Love you guys. Xx

Guys this is just wrong... I know some people don't fully support gay rights but this is just outrageous. Everyone should rejoin this. Pinterest | @givememynameplx

Respecting others' opinions covers things like "I don't like coffee," not for "I don't like black people."

Me: I feel beautiful Society: cocky much? Me: I'm so ugly Society: no honey don't say that, you're beautiful

If you need scientific studies provided irrefutable proof that a woman is a person....go sit in the corner

I totally agree with this. I'm a Christian and I was raised to be against homosexuality, but I'm totally a supporter of the LGTB+ community.

To be fair, hallucinatory fungi had polluted the waters and the whole town was trippin balls