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6 Signs That Smartphones Have Taken Over Your Life

Samsung claims to have developed a silicon nanoparticle battery that could keep your phone humming for 80 percent longer. Here's a look at the science.

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New Post has been published on 5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Trash With the increasing focus on reducing the amount of trash and non-biodegradables we throw away into landfills each year many people are beginning to make changes in their homes and businesses that deal with the way they dispose of rubbish. Most people are now recycling but there are several other things you can do to help reduce your weekly trash production. These simple changes to your daily lifestyle…

Free HDTV! Want to watch free, high-definition programming on your TV? Learn how to make an HD antenna with a wire coat hanger and a bit of free time. You will need: 6 wire hangers, 10 washers, 10 wood screws, 3' long piece of wood, 1 balun, screwdriver, pliers, wire cutter.

This one crosses a number of areas for me, but thought it was interesting both due to the author's home states : ) and to the application of minimalism to a spiritual discipline. The lines do often blur and cross, as good truth ought in the walk of life.

Wilderness Survival Cell Phone

How to use cell-phone-parts to meet 5 basic survival needs. 1) metallic material as a signal mirror 2)Speaker magnet + wire to make a compass 3) Circuit board can be ground down to make a cutting tool or arrowhead 4) battery can be short circuited to make a fire spark 5) wire and extra parts can be made into fishing lures. And as a bonus if you have headphone you can make a small snare. Genius

How to Become a Better Writer in 5 Steps

If you want to make a living as a freelance writer or blogger you need to know how to write. Here's how to become a better writer - even if you're starting from ground zero.