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Contemplate the subtle beauty of a flower, leaf or branch to imagine any garden woven into lace. Uncover the inspiration behind our collection at

The flowers of a meadow that seem as though they could have escaped from our chantilly lace

Whimsical, ethereal and almost installation-like, our runway show set design is in full progress. Taking place in a softly lit forest landscape of towering brown branches draped in sheer white floral lace

Observe the blooming roses in a guipure lace to transpose any garden into a lace creation. Discover the inspiration behind our collection at

Our beekeeper shirt inspires admiration from every quarter. Full cotton and adorned with a lace chest, it echoes the romantic coupling of insect and flower in our rosebud, carnation and peony lace

Whether holding court at a social event or trekking knee-deep in wilderness, remain stylish in this season's couture wherever the evening may take you

We are very excited to be launching our debut graduate collection 'Flora Et Fauna' this spring / summer. Inspired by the beauty of the English spring summer countryside, its pastimes and abundance of flora and fauna

Our gardener shirt is a truly tasteful piece. Full cotton featuring long button-cuff sleeves, classic front fastening buttons and lace panelled arms, it assures the patron the highest luxury of all - individuality

When stitching the designs of vegetation into lace, for centuries the philosophies of garden design and lace making have shared an inspirational link

Luke Baverstock for look one: the Butterfly Collector, Aeron Laffere for look four: the Fisherman, Jared Thompson for look three: the Gardener, Ava De La Flor, Flora Et Fauna SS14. Photographed by Jordan Busson