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Are raisins or similar dried fruits just as good as sports gels and drinks for improving sport performance? Watch the 2 minute video (click the image to view) Read our commentary about this video on our Facebook page: Don't be fooled by marketing gimmicks. Keep it simple and natural for the healthiest results. Get your kids excited about eating more fruits and veggies with Mitch Spinach Books and Apps! Learn more at

Mitch Spinach loves chickpeas! So many great things you can do with them. Here is some information about chicpeas taken from Book 3, Mitch Spinach and The Tree House Intruder (in the Secrets for Parents and Teachers Section-coming soon!) Read the full article about chickpeas: Let us know how you like to eat chickpeas . . . Get your kids excited about eating healthy foods like chickpeas with the Mitch Spinach children's books

Can fruits and veggies make you happier? New research says yes! Need more happiness, energy and calm in your life? It could be as easy as adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Read the full article on our FB page at What do you think? Do you feel calmer, happier, more energetic when eating more fruits and vegetables? Get your kids loving fruits and veggies with Mitch Spinach books and apps at

When aiming for super immunity, it is important to remember to eat a variety of different superfoods. When speaking with kids, it seems that cauliflower, the super powerful, sweet and nutty cruciferous veggie is rarely included in family meals. Learn more about this superfood and its benefits at our new FB post at: Get your kids excited about eating more fruits and veggies with the Mitch Spinach books! Check them out at

From the underground health reporter . . . this is such a simple concept! Yes, preparing fruits and veggies takes some time and effort but the rewards are so worth it! Healthy eating is delicious. There is no sacrifice --there is so much variety in healthy eating! Get your kids excited about eating more fruits and veggies with the Mitch Spinach Children's Book Series. Learn more at

A little creativity can go a long way with kids! Simply cutting up fruits and veggies into fun shapes or arranging them in a fun way can really make a difference. The art of distraction or simply making a game out of a meal or snack can increase your chances of getting your kids to eat healthier foods. After reading the Mitch Spinach books, most kids ask their parents to eat the fruits and veggies featured in the story. Grab a set of books today at

Read about how some schools are getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables: Get your kids excited about healthy eating with the Mitch Spinach book series

We will be sharing some great lunchbox tips and tricks on this board. The Mitch Spinach children's book series get kids excited about eating lots of fruits and veggies but it never hurts to have additional tricks up your sleeve. We will be sharing some innovative and often simple but effective ways to get your little eaters begging you for healthy super foods. Visit for kid-tested healthy ideas!

Is it difficult sometimes to get your kids to eat fruits and veggies? Yes! Is it imperative that they do so? Yes! If you owned a million dollar race horse, would you feed it McDonald's? Of course not! That would be crazy! Get your kids excited about eating more fruits and veggies. Order copies of the Mitch Spinach books at

Solving this nation's health care crisis is really so simple . . . in the immortal words of Nike . . . Just do it! :) Eating healthy takes a little planning and education but it is also delicious and fully satisfying. Get your kids excited about eating more fruits and veggies and order a copy of the Mitch Spinach series. Check them out at