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Cyber-attacks on electricity grids, water supplies and transport systems aren’t just a theoretical possibility: they’re already happening. A new Atkins-built simulator is helping infrastructure operators to identify and communicate where

Progressive Insurance deploys open-source data analytics software to optimize its ad strategy to drive new customers to its website to buy a policy.

More money for the rich, fewer jobs for everyone else: The price of the coming AI revolution Financial analysts forecast AI and automation will drive "greater income inequality" and lower wages for low and middle-skilled workers.

I'd love to do any research project that involves "Big Data". I'll start by learning how to do mine data off the internet in STATA and R.

AI not just a game for DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis

Ik heb twee chappie trailer genomen die totaal verschillend zijn van elkaar. In deze trailer is er meer gefocusd op de menselijkheid van chappie. Chappie komt heel vriendelijk over en de sfeer van de film is heel zacht

Independent Media: Providing the Truth about Empire and Repression By Global Research Global Research, February 25, 2014 Theme: Media Disinformation

"The Council on Foreign Relations, founded in 1921, has since been at the heart of the American foreign policy establishment, bringing together elites from academia, government, the media, intelligence, military, financial and corporate institutions. "The function of such institutions was to help mobilize and integrate the corporate elite beyond national borders, constructing a politically “organized minority.” These policy-planning organizations came to exist as “venues for discussion...

A Romanian company may be required to register for VAT in other EU member states in carrying out certain transactions. Which are these?

Daily Report: It's Another Apple Day

"The big news on Monday was Apple’s announcement of new products at the opening day of its developers’ conference in San Francisco. As Brian X. Chen and Nick Wingfield report in Tuesday’s New York Times, Apple unveiled a new operating system for its iPhone and iPad, as well as an overhaul of its Mac line of laptops."