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"I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan". Jackie Chan.

Jackie Chan WITH a Canon camera, no less... I think I just lost my senses! *sigh*

Jackie Jackson and daughter Brandi Photo credit: Judy Thorburn

One of the funniest scenes ever... "Have you met the French? My god, they know how to party... Among other things, I think I may have invented the banana daquiri a few centuries early... Always bring a banana to a party rose, bananas are good!

cw21dlr: Returning from Hawaii; John with his gloved hand to protect burns he suffered on the trip.

letter from mom to bobby: Dearest Bob, I think you should work hard and become President after Jack— It will be good for the country And for you And especially good for you know who. Ever your affectionate & peripetetic Mother.