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1867 CDV PHOTO CONFEDERATE STATE MILITARY BOARD OFFICER COL ISAIAH GARRETT He retired from law 1857. He had an honest reputation In 1861, he was called to represent Ouachita in LA's Secession Convention. He lobbied as a cooperationist & warned the convention that it would be a long & bloody war if LA seceded. He was 1 of 7 men that refused to sign the ordinance of secession. Garrett returned to Lindwood & prepared for war. Due to his vision, Isaiah did not serve the Confederacy as a soldier

original pinner states: I just used this and found info that I've been looking for ~ for years. Love This Site ~ !!!!!! Library of Congress Newspaper Collection

Como fazer sua própria árvore genealógica no computador

Family Tree Presentation Ideas. A family tree, also called genealogy or family history, can be presented in several ways. However, most family trees, no matter how they are presented, contain information about an individual's ancestral descendancy.

Lake Pontchartrain Camp Leroy Johnson 1941 U S Naval Reserve Air Training Base. Now the University of New Orleans