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Wrestling move...image to help with my new WIP

"He asked me why I call my finishing move Tallulabell and I told him, 'Kid, I didn't care why they called a suplex a suplex, or a clothesline a clothesline. ...but I always wondered, why DDT? Why Goodnight Irene? Did Roddy Piper kill a hooker named Irene? Why'd he call it that? I wanted a really clever and scary backstory… and he's like, man, that's awesome and the next thing you know, he's got Abigail and that stuff." –Sinn Bodhi, on mentoring Bray Wyatt; Two Man Power Trip (4/7/15)

12 Things Pro Wrestling Fans Are Tired Of Hearing

Also, I would like nay-sayers to enlighten me as to how Mick Foley managed to fake this:

Top 10 Exercises To Strengthen Your Wrists

In honor of my yoga teacher Heidi who, while trying to kill me, made me stronger than I was this morning. Thank you.

Fierce People (2005)

Fierce People: The main character (15 y/o boy Finn) discovered that Bryce (Chris Evans) was the 1 who raped him. So Finn ran 2 the tree where he got raped & took out a gun, which he swore he would use 2 shoot whoever raped him.Then Bryce came & hit Finn w/some sort of Yanomani weapon.Finn pulled the trigger on the gun, but it didn't have any bulletS, so Finn ran away from Bryce.Later they're in the woods, & Bryce was hit in the head by Finn.