Making Amends: What amends would you like to make for your hurtful attitudes? I love this exercise in atoning for the pain you've caused others. This blog post is a great example for us all.

Living With Congruence | I view people living congruent with their values as those who are passionate, always excited, happy, have a positive attitude and are not afraid of making mistakes. They have integrity, boundaries, can say no, and confront their fears. Read More of This Article Here:

In some places, towns essentially shut down in the afternoon while everyone goes home for a siesta. Unfortunately, in the U.S.—more bound to our corporate lifestyles than our health—a mid-day nap is seen as a luxury and, in some cases, a sign of pure laziness. But before you feel guilty about that weekend snooze or falling asleep during a movie, rest assured that napping is actually good for you and a completely natural phenomena in the circadian (sleep-wake cycle) rhythm.

Dissociation can happen to anyone, not just those with dissociative identity disorder. Use these helpful grounding techniques when dissociating.

Everything is Energy. Next time you sit down, think of what you are sitting on. Its energy. Then think of your own energy field and when others enter it. Where do you start and end? Who are you?

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