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Handmade clothing Layers Skirt for 1:6 scale doll Barbie Blythe # B-1 (1/6 scale doll skirt, black ruffled tiered skirt, SUPER CUTE and this seller makes them in a bunch of colors - should fit Obitsu and Azone Pure Neemo fine as well.)

Dress for Blythe doll por Kosucas en Etsy, €6.50 (1/6 scale doll clothes - may not fit 27cm Obitsu/Volks well, but will likely fit 23/21 cm dolls and Azone Pure Neemos.)

120# White & Dark Blue Shirt/Clothes/Dress/Suit/Outfit 1/6 SD AOD BJD Dollfie (1/6 scale doll clothes that looks like it may be designed for YoSD proportioned bodies - however I see no reason why it shouldn't fit Obitsu and Azone Pure Neemo bodies fairly well. Might be somewhat baggy on blythe bodies but it's hard to tell.)

Cute Handmade New Chic 5 Pcs Set Barbie Doll Top + Bag + Skirt + Shoes F373 (1/6 scale doll clothes sweater - should fit Obitsu/Volks 27cm and smaller bjd, Azone Pure Neemo, and Blythe fairly well)

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