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An artist's impression of the Fomalhaut system, some 25 light years from the Sun. Could tachyons take us there? (Image credit: NASA)

The Fomalhaut system contains a cleared ring (shining brightly in this image) in the dust around the star. Scientists suspect that this gap was cleared by a pair of terrestrial planets, but new research reveals that the presence of gas could also create such a breach.

Triple Star System "Fomalhaut A" Hosts Both An Exoplanet & A Spectacular Ring Of Comets - Herschel

2 exoplanets around star Fomalhaut keep dust particles within the disk / 2 pianeti extrasolari intorno alla stella Fomalhaut contribuiscono alla formazione dell'anello .

This image shows the debris ring around Fomalhaut and the location of its first known planet. This is the actual discovery image – published in the journal Science in November 2008. Fomalhaut b was the first beyond our solar system visible to the eye in photographic images. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Huge 'Zombie' Alien Planet Rises from the Dead

An enormous alien planet that some astronomers thought was dead and buried has come back to life, a new study suggests. A new analysis of observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope found that the bright nearby star Fomalhaut does indeed host a huge exoplanet, which scientists dubbed a "zombie" world. This conclusion contradicts other recent studies, which determined that the so-called planet known as Fomalhaut b is actually just a giant dust cloud. They now think that the planet is in…

Fomalhaut is sometimes called the Loneliest Star. Its planet Fomalhaut b was the first beyond our solar system to be visible to the human eye.

Scientists Say ETs May Be Much Closer To Us Than We Ever Before Thought

Artist's conception released by NASA of extrasolar planet HD 209458 b, also known as Osiris.