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. - Full 5 sensor set - LS20/20 Laser Module - Battery and charger - Your choice of red, blue, yellow, or green 4 digit display - Includes BSA red dot scope - Keyed on/off switch

It's Tabata Tuesday, folks! This one is a GREAT workout. Some people have already done this, including yours truly, and reports say that your arms and back will be sore the next day. And your obliq...

Some quick no equipment workouts that helped me. I haven't seen them in a long time so here you go. The rest can be found here: - Imgur

12 Gym Bag Essentials

12 gym bag essentials that every woman needs to stay motivated during a workout! Some are obvious - and some will totally surprise you (like 3, 5 and 11!) Get your gym bag packed and stay motivated!