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✨ Angels live forever because their food is Holy Breath, love, and music ...Feast on Holy Breath by remembering to breathe as Angels do, deeply filling Ourselves with Holy Spirit, Divine Essence of Mother God. - Belinda Womack, "Angels Guide" ✨

from Modern Salon

Makeover: Pastel Rainbow Shadow Roots - Career

Kenna Dupuis (@kennaleeann_hairstylist)  put together a look meant to "turn heads" on co-worker Hannah McKay (@dolledupbyhannah).  Hannah came to Kenna with an idea of doing pastel rainbow roots. They bounced ideas off one another to make sure that the hair would look great no matter where Hannah parted her hair. After considering many different techniques, they decided to combine their two favorites. Hannah formulated the pastel colors and then Kenna made her idea become a reality.  Hair…

I don't know whose this is, but its a stunning work of art. If anyone recognizes the artist and the source please let me know!

I would love to try and sketch this guy ☆ Rainbow Dragon :¦: Artist Unknown ☆

ocelott: out of all the pieces i’ve made, this is my favorite.

Sadie once told me about her 'rose' theory, and when she's feeling anxious she imagines a wall of roses protecting her for the bad energy. I decided to pick butterflies. Warrior butterflies with swords who chop us the bad feelings. I also have giant wings for a shield.

The butterflies they're leading. I know not where, but I folllow out of curiosity and intrigue. A fascination of where they might guide down this path of mystery. -Mary

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Feathers and Fancy - colorful bird photography - wings dove - nature - decorative print

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at