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Ombre vanilla and rose | lorena canals

King froggy crotcheted stuffed animal- leggybuddy

Child fe lo snoopy ec tl black - feiyeu

If you're looking for shoes cooler than ice cream, these Black Feiyeu x Peanuts Women's would be it. | Feiyeu is available at Amelie & Max.

Child fe lo snoopy ec tl black - feiyeu

These Women's Limited Edition Peanuts Sneakers in white are awesome. | Available at Amelie & Max

When have you ever heard of a washable cushion? Probably never, but that will change when you pick up a Lorena Canals Heart Pink Washable Cushion. Beautiful and practical. Perfect for the modern family. Amelie & Max

These limited edition shoes are so adorable. A great way of passing down a childhood favourite to your little one. | Toddler Feiyeu + Peanuts Side View

Wooden camera - behind the trees

Silver handmade wooden camera | So cute and so much fun. It will look great in your home and on your kid.

Azteca natural vintage nude | lorena canals

Azteca Nude Rug from Lorena Canals

Oli & Carol Extra Large Spotted Duck | This eco-friendly and mold-free bath toy is devine and available at Amelie & Max

Mr. bones 'skeleton' | freshly picked