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Amy: This is so insane. What was I thinking? My Dad was right! I should have... I should have never have done the clinic! Look at this! And that woman! Why did I listen to her?! Georgie: We didn't know she was gonna try to leave us with her horse! When has that ever happened to u? Never! Amy: Well he's my responsibility now & cause of me he's probably hurt! Georgie: I know! I know. But there's nothing we can do about that right now, okay? (10x09)

Fever in Children - How high is TOO high?

Fever in children means their body is fighting off an infection, cold, or flu. However, pediatric fever can be serious - do you know what to look for? (ad)

Now all I can think of is him doing this their second year, but then he can't find Harry or Ron. Like did Draco and Hermione look for them together? Did they have a fight or were they respecful? What happened when they had no where else to look? I HAVE QUESTIONS

They attempted to, and merely delayed the decision until publicity looks better or the orange buffoon distracts media. But yeah. Eliminating ethics commitee and making live streaming illegal so no one can see what they do. I give you ... the party of small government.

Free sewing tutorial: A warm fleece scarf done up to look like Haku from Spirited Away; but you can make it look like any dragon you like as well!

Who's art is this? :0 << Maddoxrider she's one of my favourite Phan artists