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"I thought your idea to use my idea was a great idea."

BTW, I turned in my report before you claimed it was yours.

I don't mind coming to work.

I don't mind coming to work.

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When the patient keeps hitting the call light to ask when their discharge will be done. 250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and eCards

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Long day at work has me feeling like.I need a nap 3 tacos and a margarita

International Hand Symbol For "what The Fuck"...#funny #lol #lolzonline

International Hand Symbol For "what The Fuck". Me everyday on the way to work!

It means what it means. If you give me trouble, I got a shoe with your name on it, ready for you!

Based on your reaction to the most heart wrenching Disney moments of all time! I got: Tough on the outside, emotional wreck on the inside

Does anyone know CPR?

I was drinking a margarita and the waitress screamed, does anyone know CPR? I yelled, I know the entire alphabet, and we all laughed and laughed. Eell, except one guy.